For the past 25 years, Steve Meltz has directly been involved in the roofing industry. Beginning his career as a Home Improvement Contractor and advancing to owner, president and chief operator of Juffs Roofing Ltd., Steve’s superior knowledge of the roofing industry is progressive and based on hands-on experience from entry level to top positions.

Steve’s radical career progression established in 1994, when he was strictly and professionally mentored by Richard Kaller, the founder and owner of CCN Contractors Network, who also excelled as a senior consultant for the National Roofing Contractors Association and various, other roofing manufactures. Throughout his professional experiences, Steve additionally welcomed supplementary opportunities by training with and learning from other successful roofing business professionals. He learned various philosophies from numerous accredited roofing companies and founders, but soon after developed his own philosophy which demonstrated the success of Juffs Roofing Ltd. Steve’s philosophy, a simple but vital theory, made the company what it is today. Steve’s business philosophy – that a customer needs to be thoroughly heard, understood and educated on all aspects of the services provided to them; the words “cannot” do not exist and for every problem there is a solution based on solid business practices which always result in and exceed customer satisfaction. – Steve is definitely not about “cutting corners and masking them” – he wants the job done right.

As mentioned, Steve brought this philosophy to Juffs Roofing Ltd. when he advanced to the position of company president, then a partner in 1994. In 2001 Steve acquired the company and became the sole owner, operator and president, successfully leading a team of professionals.

On account of Steve’s philosophy, he and his professionals treat the roof as a complex system of ventilation, insulation and many other significant interconnected components. Today, thanks to Steve and his approach and vision, Juffs Roofing Ltd., is paramount and one of the most respected roofing companies in Ontario. This is not “just a typical a shingle replacement” company. Juffs Roofing, unlike so many other roofing businesses, specializes in providing durable, long term roofing solutions to problems such as attic mold, ice damming, attic condensation, flat roofing drainage problems and many others; the services provided by Juffs Roofing are not “just cheap, quick patch-up jobs.”

Presently, as well as through his past professional experiences, Steve has expanded his career and knowledge in the field by studying the newest techniques and practices, as well as utilizing state-of-the-art materials and equipment and pursuing professional accreditations, which include Quality Master (Q.M.) and Master Shingle Applicator (M.S.A). He acquired and retained industry recognition as attic ventilation and ice damn solution specialist since 1996. Today Steve serves on the Professional Advisory Council for CERTAINTEED, a major shingle manufacturer.


To satisfy vast clientele as well as an increased market demand, in 2009, Steve expanded and established a sister company to Juffs Roofing – Mr. Roof Repair Ltd. This company thrives on providing long term services to clients in all of Ontario, of fast and emergency related roofing repair requirements.

To further his education and to continuously progress with current products, practices and trends, Steve remains current and involved in the industry by working in the field and corresponding with owners by acquiring further knowledge and developing new solutions to all client concerns and exceeding expectations. He offers “face to face” guidance and “step by step” education to consumers based on his vast knowledge and expertise. He is directly involved in all costs affiliated with any job to make sure all of Juffs and Mr. Roof Repair clients are financially confident and satisfied. Steve welcomes unique challenges with an “out of the box” creative approach and problem solving solutions.

A particular case worth mentioning: where Juffs Roofing replaced a roof installed in an unconventional location – over a garage with a swimming pool. This particular roof was installed a year earlier by another roofing company but issues with ice dam leaks, moisture and mold surfaced in the attic. Under Steve and his team’s “out of the box” design approach and guidance, a solution to these problems was achieved where all problems were eliminated and a new roof was reinstalled lasting for many years to come.


Steve’s Accreditations are as follows:

Certifications Courses

  • 2009 - Arial Platform Certification
  • 2008 - Velux Certification Products Sales and Installations
  • 2006 - Air Vent
  • 2004 - BP Roofing Products
  • 2002 - Soprema Cold Ply Systems
  • 1998 - Baycor Cold Ply Systems
  • 1998 - Carlisle TPO
  • 1997 - WHIMIS Certified
  • 1997 - Fall Protection Certified
  • 1996 - Quality Master
  • 1996 - Master Shingle Applicator

Continuing Education

  • 2012 – PRAC Professional Roofing Advisor Council (Since 1996)
  • 2003 – Landmark Personal Development
  • 1999 – Ice Dam Symposium
  • 1999 – Canadian Housing Mortgage Corporation
  • 1998 – Keeping The Heat In Ontario Energy Council
  • 1998 – Principles of Attic Ventilation
  • 1997 – Graduated from CCN sales Boot Camp 1996, 1998
  • 1996 – NRCA National Roofing Contractors Association Water Proofing manual
    - Asphalt Shingles
    - Cedar
    - Slate Tiles
    - Composite Tiles
    - Ventilation Standards
    - Vapour Barriers
    - Built Up Roofing
    - Single Ply TPO and PVC Roofing Systems
    - 2 Ply and 3 Ply Modified Bitumen Roofing Systems
    - Metal Flashing Terminations
  • 1994 – Priority Management


  • February 2013 – HGTV Show Income Property Roof and Skylight Replacement
  • 2011, 2003,1999 – Global News Guest
  • Elected to the Steering Committee of CRM for contractor software and design
  • Consumer educational Roof Proposal and marketing programs adopted by CCN best practices manual for contactors
  • Written articles for Canadian Contractor Magazine

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