Mold / Moisture in the Attic

If left untreated, dangerous black mold growing in your home can cause allergies and other health problems.

Mold can only grow in a moist atmosphere. Your home’s attic is especially vulnerable to mold, because moisture and humidity are easily trapped in a poorly ventilated attic spaces.

Excess moisture in the attic can be caused by:

  • Water coming in through the roof
  • Moisture coming into the attic from inside your home, if the ceiling is not properly sealed and made air tight
  • Poor ventilation of washing machines, kitchen and bathroom exhausts
  • Inadequate insulation around areas prone to leaks
  • Water damaged insulation

Did you know?

The average family of 4 put 2-4 gallons of water in the air just from perspiration. By reducing or eliminating moisture in your attic, you can drastically reduce the chances of developing black mold.

The experts at Juffs Roofing will help solve the problem of mold and moisture in your attic.

We investigate the building envelope, ventilation and insulation system in your roof and attic, seal leaks, make sure eaves troughs and downspouts are clean and functioning properly, and help you reduce the humidity inside your home that causes the growth and spread of mold.

We can help! Contact Juffs Roofing with your questions about mold and moisture in your attic.