Keeping the Heat In

Keeping your home warm and comfortable is a priority for Toronto homeowners, who face variable and often extreme weather year in and year out.

Along with comfort, everyone is concerned with keeping their heating bills as low as possible. A well-insulated house is the first step in staying warm — and staying within your budget.

Hot air rises. So if your attic isn’t properly sealed and insulated, then during the winter, all the air being warmed by your furnace ends up going through the roof – along with your heating bills!

All that warm air can also rot your roof. As it rises, it collects moisture that condenses in the attic and eventually damages wood frame members, roof sheathing, insulation and ceiling finishes.

Did you know that warm air can rot your roof?

Signs that you have problems with your insulation:

In the winter…

  • Walls and floors are cold
  • High energy bills
  • Condensation on windows
  • Uneven temperatures from floor to floor
  • Ice damming
Ice damming

In the summer…

  • Hot air inside the home
  • Uneven temperatures from floor to floor
  • Warm air on the top floor
  • High energy bills
  • Air conditioning doesn’t seem to be working efficiently
  • Mold in the basement

Look for attic leakage at any point in the ceiling that penetrates into the attic:

  • Interior chimneys
  • Plumbing stacks
  • Electrical fixtures
  • Partition walls
  • Exhaust fans
  • Ducts and plenums
  • Perimeter walls and Party walls
  • Dropped ceiling
  • Attic access
Keeping the Heat In

To prevent moisture damage, install an air/vapour barrier, lower the level of indoor humidity and ensure that the roof is well ventilated.

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