Premature Roof Failure

Unless you find and fix the source of your roof’s problems, they can lead to premature roof failure. Yes, natural disasters do happen. However…

The leading causes of premature roof failure can be prevented and repaired by Juffs Roofing’s experts:

  • Inadequate or incorrect attic/roof ventilation: This is the biggest reason for shingle failures, because most homes built prior to the 1980s are improperly ventilated
  • The roof deck: Most homes built prior to 1960 used roof boards that are not suitable for use with asphalt shingles
  • A poorly insulated or sealed attic causes ice damming. Ice dams not only leak between the walls and through your ceiling but also cause structural problems due to the sheer weight they bear
  • Poor roof design
  • Use of inferior materials
  • Poor workmanship: Good quality materials combined with poor workmanship will still lead to serious roofing problems
  • Lack of regular maintenance

Juffs Roofing will inspect your roof and look for signs of premature roof failure, our experts will recommend the best preventative solutions.

We can help! Contact Juffs Roofing with your questions about premature roof failure.