Roof Animal Damage

The holes that raccoons, squirrels and other animals make in your roof can let in rain and snow, which leads to water damage and dangerous mold in your roof sheathing and attic.

Birds often nest in soffits and chimneys, blocking your home’s ventilation. Pigeon droppings can also discolour and damage your roof.

Odours and disease can spread through your home when animals defecate in your attic.

Electrical wires chewed by animals can cause fires, while damaged insulation makes your home less comfortable to live in — and raises your cooling and heating bills.

Juffs Roofing offers expert help if you’ve experienced animal damage on your roof. We repair this damage and make the necessary changes (such as securing your attic vents or installing our animal protection system at the perimeter of the roof) to help prevent animals from getting in again.



We can help! Contact Juffs Roofing with your questions about animal damage to your roof.