Roof Drainage

Your roof’s drainage system includes the eaves troughs, gutters and drain openings. Along with the slope of the roof itself, this drainage system is designed to keep water from pooling on the roof, and away from the foundation of the building.

Did you know?

If the drainage system is neglected or poorly constructed, your roof can decay rapidly and require major repairs.

Many roof problems can be traced back to poorly maintained or improperly installed drainage systems.

Common roof drainage mistakes include:

  • Installing only one drain
  • Lack of regular maintenance
  • Not installing overflow scuppers in parapet wall
  • Improper sloping of the roof, gutters or eavestrough
  • Not fixing broken or bent downspouts
  • Placing drains next to support columns
  • Drains flowing directly onto the roofing materials
Why you shouldn't have a downpipe drain from an upper roof to a lower roof.

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