Gutter Filter

We love Mother Nature… just not in our gutters!

Gutters and eaves troughs are one of the biggest problems homeowners have with their roof. They fill up with leaves and other debris, turn into nesting sites for birds and wasps and breeding grounds for mosquitoes.

Gutters are also where icicles are prone to forming.

Cleaning your gutters is a chore — so what if you didn’t have to clean them? The true cost of maintaining your gutters is greater than just having to clean them regularly. Other costs include damage to your gutters, roof and landscaping over time from constant gutter cleaning. It all adds up.

Juffs Roofing recommends the Gutter Filter system to solve these problems and more. It is the only gutter system that keeps out leaves and debris. Unlike other designs, the Gutter Filter system doesn’t directly touch eavestroughs and shingles, so it is easy to remove if necessary.

This also means that the Gutter Filter system will not void your shingle, eavestrough or roof guarantee, because no screws, nails or brackets are used during installation.



With the Gutter Filter system:

  • Snow and ice stay out of your gutter
  • All debris is kept out entirely
  • Mosquitoes can’t breed and birds can’t nest
  • You get a 20 year “No Clog” guarantee
  • There is zero maintenance

Installing the affordable Gutter Filter system won’t detract from the beauty of your home, because it completely fills your current gutters and is not visible from the ground.

Juffs Roofing is here to help you! Ask us why we recommend Gutter Filter as the best way to reduce damage to your gutters, and those big cleaning and repair bills, once and for all.