Soffit Fascia Eaves Trough

Soffit and fascia not only add a finished look to any home, but they are important for improved air circulation in the eaves and attic areas.

At Juffs Roofing, we use only the finest aluminum soffit and fascia produced by GENTEK. Your project is backed by an exclusive warranty from GENTEK as well as a workmanship warranty provided by Juffs Roofing.

GENTEK products give you the choice of styles, colors and accessories, so you can select soffits and fascias that complement your home’s design.

Eaves troughs are designed to drain water away from your home to prevent damage caused by drainage to bricks, foundation, shingles and other roof materials. In the long run, a simple and affordable system of eavestroughing will lengthen the life of your home and roof, and keep it looking great for years to come.

Eavestroughing is available in alluminum, copper, and galvanized metal. Each variety can protect and beautify your home.

Fascia is the flat horizontal band that goes around the edge of your roof, where the eaves trough is attached. Soffit is the name for the perforated underside of the eaves.

When carefully selected and expertly installed, soffit and fascia can add beauty and value to your home or commercial building, while saving you the cost of a major restoration. As a matter of fact, aluminum soffit and fascia pays for itself after two paint jobs.

Soffit and fascia also help prevent animal intrusion, improve ventilation (via perforations in the soffit panels) and lower maintenance costs.

However, these areas are also vulnerable to damage.

Clogged eaves troughs can easily tear away from fascia boards. Whether it is made from plywood, vinyl or aluminum, the soffit beneath the eaves takes the brunt of this added weight.

Juffs Roofing recommends Gutter Filter as the simplest way to take care of these and other recurring soffit and fascia problems and the best way to reduce those big cleaning and repair bills, once and for all.

With Gutter Filter, eaves will never get blocked again, which prevents all the other problems that go along with clogged eaves.

Read more about the innovative Gutter Filter system here.

Juffs Roofing is here to help you! Ask us about how to add soffit and fascia to improve your roof’s appearance – or how to repair what you already have.