Thermal Imaging

Only thermal imaging technology can reveal problems with your roof that ordinary inspections can miss.

Did you Know?

By the time you notice that stain on your ceiling, water has already been leaking in for some time, soaking your insulation and causing rot to develop.

Only infrared thermal imaging can detect those problems in advance, before repairs become lengthy and expensive.

Juffs Roofing recommends using thermal imagery for preventative maintenance on your roof and attic. Thermal imaging pinpoints exactly where water is leaking in, saving all that time usually wasted searching for the source.

After a thermal imaging inspection, Juffs Roofing can remove damaged insulation and make other necessary repairs. By detecting hot and cold spots, thermal imaging shows whether or not insulation is missing. Thermal imaging can also determine whether or not water is encapsulated in a flat roof.

Thermal imaging can efficiently discover the true source of your problem faster than an ordinary “naked eye” inspection.

For between $350 and $500, Juffs Roofing can perform a thorough thermal imaging inspection of your roof area.

(NOTE: if you were to hire an engineer to conduct the same inspection, you would expect to pay at least 10 times that amount.)

Juffs Roofing is here to help you! Ask us what kind of difference thermal imaging can make in preventing and repairing costly roof problems before they get out of hand.